The AGV-865.01 is the most powerful one of the automated guided vehicles. It is driven by a swivel bogie at the front and can transport loads up to 3000 kg. Equipped with a scanner and lateral switching bars, this muscleman has dimensions of 2110x830x400 mm at an empty weight of 1000 kg. In spite of this size, it is able to go around bends with a radius of 1.5 m due to differential control of both wheels. The vehicle is stabilized by two active supporting wheels. The maximum speed of the AGV-865.01 is 0.5 m/s at an acceleration of 0.5 m/s2. The power supply is ensured by lead-crystal accumulators or supercaps and fed by contact or induction. The AGV-865.01 is navigated by visual or inductive tracking and positioning will deviate from the track by ten millimeters at most using RFID. Using visual 2D-barcodes makes it possible to implement a maximum deviation of five millimeters. Communication with the superordinate control uses Wi-Fi and a UDP-protocol. The load is received using the AGV-865.01's stroke of up to 80 mm. The AGV-865.01 is thus the muscleman among the automated guided vehicles.

Vehicle typeAGV-865.01
Max. carrying load [kg]3,000
Empty weight [kg]1,000
Sizes [mm]2,110 x 830 x 400
Minimal curve radius [m]1.5
Speed [m/s]1
Acceleration [m/s²]0.5
Energy chargeContact
Power accumulatorLead-crystal accumulators
Positioning+/- 10mm by RFID
+/- 5mm by 2D-Barcode
CommunicationW-Lan with UDP-protocol
Load handlingLifting table with 80mm stroke


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