The AGV-860.01 is used for the flexible transport of full and empty pallets, Iron-barred boxes, trays and other loadings with a maximum payload of up to 1500 kg. In contrast to its little brother, the AGV-860.01 has a mid-engine powered by two wheels and is able to turn around bends with a radius of at least one meter thanks to its differential control on both wheels or turn in place. The AGV-860.01 is stabilized by four supporting wheels in the corners. Its dimensions are 1400x980x400mm at an empty weight of 785 kg. The maximum acceleration of 0.5 m/s2 leads to a maximum speed of 1.5 m/s. The AGV-860.01 stores its power via lead-crystal accumulators or supercaps and is charged by contact or induction. The multitalent is navigated RFID supported by visual or inductive tracking, deviating no more than ten millimeters from the track. Using visual 2D-barcodes, the deviation could be reduced to no more than 5 millimeters. As for all devices, communication takes place using Wi-Fi with UDP-protocol. The AGV-860.01 can take up the loads to be transported from a depositing block with its stroke of up to 100 mm. Optionally, it can be equipped with a roller conveyor or a chain conveyor and receive loads from the side. The AGV-860.01 is the ideal combination of power and speed with its technical design and therefore it is the multitalent among the automated guided vehicles.


Vehicle typeAGV-860.01
Max. carrying load [kg]1,500
Empty weight [kg]785
Sizes [mm]1,400 x 980 x 337
Minimal curve radius [m]1
Speed [m/s]1.5
Acceleration [m/s²]0.5
Energy chargeContact
Power accumulatorLead-crystal accumulators
Positioning+/- 10mm by RFID
+/- 5mm by 2D-Barcode
CommunicationW-Lan with UDP-protocol
Load handlingLifting table with 100mm stroke
Roller Conveyor
Chain Conveyor


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