The AGV-850.01 is used for the flexible transport of totes, cartons or other loadings with a maximum payload of up to 350 kg. At an empty weight of 320 kg and dimensions 845x600x415 mm in its smallest version, the AGV-850.01 is the smallest one of the three automated guided vehicles. It reaches maximum speeds of 1.5 m/s at an acceleration of 0.5 m/s2 and has a curve radius of at least one meter. The AGV-850.01 can be charged by contact. Power is stored in lead-crystal accumulators. In order to navigate the AGV-850.01 safely, it is controlled by visual tracking. It is also positioned by RFID-Tags in order to implement a maximum deviation of ten millimeters from the lane, or one of up to five millimeters using visual 2D-barcodes. The reliable control communication between the computer and the AGV-850.01 takes place via Wi-Fi using a UDP-protocol. In order to take up loads, the AGV-850.01 can be equipped with either a lifting table, a roller conveyor or a belt conveyor. The AGV-850.01 is thus the "little fast one" for flexible, customized material transport.

Vehicle typeAGV-850.01
Max. carrying load [kg]350
Empty weight [kg]320
Sizes [mm]845 x 600 x 415
Minimal curve radius [m]1
Speed [m/s]1.5
Acceleration [m/s²]0.5
Energy chargeContact
Power accumulatorLead-crystal accumulators
Positioning+/- 10mm by RFID
+/- 5mm by 2D-Barcode
CommunicationW-Lan with UDP-protocol
Load handlingLifting table
Roller conveyor
Belt conveyor


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