Assembly conveyor system for Just-in-Time markets

Produce with flexibility - what the market wants, and when and how it wants it. The demand from the buyer market is constantly changing, becoming more spontaneous and unpredictable. What one person sees as a problem is viewed by another as an opportunity for competitive advantage. With the GEBHARDT assembly conveyor system 400 it is possible to react quickly and flexibly to constantly changing requirements.

Faster setup of the GEBHARDT assembly conveyor system as well as problem-free retrospective adjustment result in rapid amortisation, gains in time, greater added value and reduced capital services.

The assembly product - up to 1,000 kg in weight - such as a household appliance, office appliance, drive element, consumer electronics etc, runs process-controlled on workpiece carriers through the individual production stages, is lifted for manual or hybrid assembly, swivelled, turned, etc. before being packaged with the correct data documentation. The GEBHARDT System 400 is suitable for use under harsh operating conditions, such as those that exist in production and in damp areas for example. The components are distinguished by low-noise running, low installation height and minimal wear.

The personnel, with their universal skills, stand at the centre point of GEBHARDT assembly systems - which can also be designed for disabled operators if required. The employee, with 10 fingers, is able to carry out more functions than a whole line of robots. Production-related requirements reflective of the current market demand are fulfilled by ergonomically designed tools and handy positioning.


GEBHARDT assembly systems enable flexibility of production and thereby rapid economical supply in line with changing demands.

Competitive advantages

Innovative production logistics generate competitive advantages and high efficiency, utilise the extensive benefits of the human resources, minimise merchandising risks and storage costs through Just-in-Time production in small batch sizes.


The modular GEBHARDT assembly conveyor system offers the free linking of production areas for manual or semi-automatic processing on workpiece carriers of up to 1,000 kg and realises quality controls at every production stage.


For anyone who wishes to efficiently meet with the dynamics of the market through flexible production, the GEBHARDT assembly conveyor system offers significant advantages through its ergonomic layout, high handling and functional assurance and its good design.


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