GEBHARDT products - broad diversity, individually planned

Tote / Carton transport technology

When used between incoming and outgoing goods, the GEBHARDT conveyor system 300 brings every advantage to bear. The well structured assembly contains all modules required for the configuration of faster material flow routes, for order picking, for sorting systems and for warehouse technology.
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Pallet transport technology

The GEBHARDT conveyor system 500 – No load is too heavy: Variable complete program for the transportation and storage of heavy pallets and box pallets.
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With GEBHARDT Flex Conveyor the idea of a fully decentralized, modular and industrially durable conveyor system becomes a reality. The integrated GEBHARDT ConveyorConnect technology enables mechanical and electrical coupling with just one handle, true Plug-and-Play without the use of tools.
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Fahrerlose Transportsysteme

Die Fahrerlosen Transportsysteme von Gebhardt Fördertechnik revolutionieren den Warenstrom in der Intralogistik. Sie transportieren komplett autonom, kooperativ und intelligent Waren von A nach B. Dadurch lassen sich geringere Durchlaufzeiten und ein erhöhter Materialfluss realisieren, um eine Optimierung entlang der Wertschöpfungskette zu erreichen. 
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Roll cage transport

Built upon a chain conveyor system, the transportation of one or more roller containers is mastered with ease.
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Assembly technology

With the GEBHARDT assembly conveyor system 400 it is possible to react quickly and flexibly to constantly changing requirements. Faster setup of the GEBHARDT assembly conveyor system as well as problem-free retrospective adjustment result in rapid amortisation, gains in time, greater added value and reduced capital services.
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Warehouse technology

GEBHARDT warehouse technology guarantees Just-in-Time delivery capability. Modern conveyor technology and warehouse technology transform simple halls into efficient distribution centres.
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Sorting technology

Efficient sorting capacity, low noise, high availability, high stiffness, weight optimisation and maintenance-friendliness are characteristics that distinguish the sorting technology of GEBHARDT.
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Goods lift

ConVer goods lifts are available in the types 146 / 147 / 148, as well as the small service lift ConVer 149 . They are planned and constructed in accordance with the requirements of the respective application.  The ConVer Configurator is a powerful tool for this.
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Telescopic belt conveyor

The GEBHARDT ConBoom telescopic belt conveyors extend the automated conveyor route through to the loading area and are therefore the "first and last metre" of the internal material flow system. In this way GEBHARDT Fördertechnik creates the connection between transportation logistics and incoming goods with the delivery of packaged goods or between dispatch and the means of transportation with deliveries.
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Robot technology

The GEBHARDT System 800 offers the latest in robot technology with extensive power and high precision as the link in the warehouse and logistics area, and precisely finishes and equips everything that ultimately goes out to the customer.
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Favorit Absackblitz

The GEBHARDT Favorite Absackblitz is an automatic intake and bagging device for all types of coal. From a conveyor the coal is mined in the dump body of the balance.
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