Quality - Made in Germany

Wey develop and produce intralogistic complete solutions from a single source. Our high vertical range of manufacture of approx. 80% elevates us above our competitors. The resultant flexibility, short reaction times and ongoing internal quality controls - all under the umbrella of a certified quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 - are advantageous to our customers. 


Quality and satisfaction are no coincidence with us:

  • We have identified our company processes and documented these within process instructions.
  • This starts with the contract evaluation and ends with commissioning on site. All criteria required for controlled production are taken into consideration in these instructions. This results in a transparency that enables a constant improvement of the processes.
  • Our technical equipment, which exhibits a very high level of modernisation, is also integrated into the quality management system through planned and recorded maintenance work.
  • Responsibility to our employees and the environment.
  • Training, schooling and development of personnel are therefore also an inherent part of the overall package of our Quality management system.
  • Also important to us is the subject of industrial safety and all measures associated with it.

From the conveyor roller to the complete aisle stacker - we produce everything over an area of approx. 22,500 m².

100% Made in Germany

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