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Elfriede and Richard Gebhardt began to produce conveyor systems in Berwangen, Baden, in 1952. A spirit of ingenuity and commercial visions resulted in the business areas expanding very quickly. Today, the GEBHARDT Group works in accordance with the motto: "Partnership in Motion". Numerous international installations are evidence of special competence and know-how developed over decades.

The basis for all decisions and actions here has been our company philosophy:

"We dedicate ourselves to progress in intralogistics. The aim thereby is to offer our customers good long-termpreconditions for efficiency and competitiveness under ecological and humane conditions. We apply our entire creativity and efforts to this.

We wish to be know-how leaders in the industry. A characteristic feature of all GEBHARDT products is and remains the simplest possible design with a high degree of efficiency and constant operational assurance. The size of our company is optimum where a high level of personal consultancy and support is required.

Every GEBHARDT employee accepts personal responsibility for providing the customer with the best possible service. We measure our success on the basis of attaining our company goals. - Time and again."


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