Foundation of GEBHARDT Maschinenbau in Berwangen by Richard and Elfriede Gebhardt. Production primarily focused on conveyor devices for bulk goods.


Relocation to own new premises in Berwangen. Series production of mobile bulk goods conveyors under the registered trade name "Favorit" and bulk goods conveyors and loading belts under the trade name "Express".


Conversion of the company into GEBHARDT Fördertechnik GmbH, as well as development of the automatic coal bagging machine "Favorit Absackblitz" (patented). This machine developed into a massive sales success and was produced 1000 times.


Due to the inventive activities of Richard Gebhardt (numerous patents) the commercial areas expand considerably. The construction of complete conveyor systems began. It was possible to acquire significant customers.


Elfriede Gebhardt took over the management and led the company on with great commitment. During the years that follow the company GEBHARDT Fördertechnik developed into a leading company in the material flow sector.


In the Sinsheim factory (relocation in 1966) the production area was expanded over a number of development phases from 2000 m² to 12000 m². Here, our personnel work with most modern technical equipment. GEBHARDT Fördertechnik became a global supplier of complete systems for internal logistics.


GEBHARDT guarantees a comprehensive service range, beginning with consultancy, rough planning, project management, realisation, control, warehouse management and maintenance/service. All GEBHARDT products comply with the EC Machinery Directive. GEBHARDT is certified in accordance with ISO 9001.


Fritz Gebhardt übernimmt die Leitung des Unternehmens.


The employees, machinery and the car pool at the production site in Berwangen relocated to Sinsheim due to a consolidation of the production site in Berwangen with GEBHARDT Fördertechnik in Sinsheim.


GEBHARDT Fördertechnik took over the personnel and assets - in particular the products, technology, software and know-how - of the Sandt-Logistik GmbH. The primary aim is to protect the investments of customers and secure employment positions, so that the Pirmasens site remains intact in the form of a GEBHARDT branch. The product lines are continued under the GEBHARDT logo.


Opening of a new production and dispatch hall in the Sinsheim factory. This results to an expanding from 2500 m² to a total of 14500 m² in the production area.


Der Standort Sinsheim wird durch ein Technologie- und Testzentrum erweitert, welches produktiv zur Produktionsversorgung genutzt wird. Die darin verbaute Lager- und Fördertechnik umfasst Palettenfördertechnik, Shuttletechnik (OLPS, MLS, OLS) und ein Regalbediengerät (Cheetah). Durch den Umzug des Lagers in die neue Halle entstehen in den restlichen Hallen neue Arbeitsplätze und Arbeitsbereiche. 


Bau des neuen GEBHARDT-Bürogebäudes in Sinsheim. Das 4-stöckige Gebäude bietet Platz für weitere 80 moderne Arbeitsplätze.


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