The essential thing of an successful application

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A good and complete application is the right way to get the dream job. So, in order that you succeed, we have you summarized some tips and advice on this page:

Please note!

  • Training: the application deadline for the start of training for the following year is always the 30th September.
  • Study: the application deadline for the start of study for the following year is always 15th September.
  • There should always packed off a complete application

What is meant by a complete application?

  • appealing cover letter (use no generalization that matches to each company)
  • highly recognizable photo (is no longer mandatory)
  • tabular and complete curriculum vitae
  • School certificate of the last two school years (possibly even more) and degree certificate, if available
  • Internships certificates or other certificates, which are important (for example, evidence of a stay abroad) 

Application by post

Your application should convince not only in content, the external appearance is equally important. Please therefore always use a neat application file (available in office supply stores), in which the sheets are firmly attached and can not easily fall out.

Online application:

Please feel free to send your application online to your jobs(at) email address. This should also be acomplete application (see above).
It would be nice when the full contents will be sent as a single PDF file and not many files attached to the E-Mail.
Please also make sure that everything in your online application is legible. It happens quickly by using a scanner that the pages or the letters are displayed blurry.

And another thing ...

Of course, not only your application is important, also your personality and your appearance and your possibly existing preliminary qualifications.
However, your application is the first thing we see and if this does not correspond to your person, then it would be a pity if we could not get to know you.
So if you satisfy all the requirements, then you are already a whole step closer to your qualified job or to your university place.