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The Gebhardt Intralogistics Group is one of the leading companies for intralogistics today. Throughout the world companies from various industries appreciate the versatile, modular solutions for optimum material flow in their production- and storage system.

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The GEBHARDT SmartGlass - fast, efficient and self-sufficient. Advanced remote service for your intralogistics system. The GEBHARDT SmartGlass revolutionizes the recording and treatment of disturbances at your material flow system. By use of advanced technology a supported communication process.

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    GEBHARDT Cheetah eco


    GEBHARDT StoreBiter 300 OLS

    GEBHARDT academy 2017


    Zum Start des Ausbildungsjahres 2017 haben 24 neue Auszubildende und Studenten bei GEBHARDT...

    Absolventen 2017


    Wir gratulieren unseren Auszubildenden zum erfolgreichen Bestehen ihrer Abschlussprüfung. Für...

    65 Jahre GEBHARDT


    GEBHARDT Fördertechnik feiert 65-jähriges Firmenjubiläum. In über 6 Jahrzehnten entwickelte sich...

    Die GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group erweitert Führungsteam mit Dr. Wilfried Kugler


    Seit dem 1. März 2017 ist Dr. Wilfried Kugler ( 56 ) Head of Automation der GEBHARDT Intralogistics...

    GEBHARDT erhält Zuschlag von Reisser

    GEBHARDT automatisiert die Intralogistik der Reisser AG mit innovativem Shuttle Lager System für...

    Improve your carreer - Attractive job offers - especially in our subsidiaries - are wating for you!

    Sinsheim, 13.01.2017 - Do you search for a new challenge where you can show off yours ability and...

    Done ! Bachelor in 2016

    We did it! We congratulate our students on the successful completion of their Bachelor of...


    GEBHARDT - Trainee excursion 2016


    Team building at a height of 12 meters. The day’s program started with the visit at our customer...

    Gebhardt students apprentices 2016

    62 students and apprentices at GEBHARDT Group in Sinsheim


    Sinsheim, 01. September 2016 - 24 new students and apprentices started their career at GEBHARDT...

    Whether cleanrooms, processing industry - cooling areas or extremely hot conditions - large or small goods

    GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group offers the optimal solution by innovative material handling technology

    To your individual wishes GEBHARDT offers the most suitable solution in each area of the internal material flow technology – starting from the receiving area through to the shipping process!