Erfahrungsberichte - Auslandsaufenthalt

Während des Studiums gehen all unsere Studenten, neben eines möglichen Auslandsaufenthaltes von der dualen Hochschule aus, zusätzlich noch mindestens vier Wochen zu unserer Niederlassung nach Nottingham in England.

Hier könnt ihr Erfahrungsberichte einiger der Studenten lesen, die mittlerweile schon in England waren:


The New Year started directly with a highlight for me during my studies at GEBHARDT Fördertechnik GmbH: The exchange to Nottingham was on. The anticipation of the flight and getting to know another country outweighed the fear to be alone for four weeks in a foreign environment.

After landing in Birmingham, I had to catch the last leg to Nottingham by train. Once there, I met the first ECS employee John, who received me warmly. He drove me to the accommodation and after a short transfer I was on my own again. The owners of the house were very polite and went out of their way to make my stay as pleasant as possible. You could spend time with the family of the hosts or retreat to your private room.

In the following days and weeks, I gradually got to know many ECS employees better. Also I realized how speaking a foreign language became easier day by day. All the people there met with an unwonted openness, which was very pleasant. If I had a few problems to understand the employees, they took some time to explain the things in a way that I could know what they meant. The working atmosphere was also different than in Germany, because the company there is much smaller and thus even more familiar.

The center of Nottingham can be reached by a 15-minute bus ride. The small but beautiful city has some nice buildings and it was great fun to explore a lot of them. Due to the good connections by bus and train, it was also possible to visit other cities during the weekend.  

Finally, I can only thank Gebhardt Fördertechnik for giving me this opportunity to improve my language skills and to lose uncertainties. I am glad that I was able to do this experience.


As ECS only has about 30 employees I got along very fast and the working atmosphere is great. The colleagues are very friendly and you can always ask them if you have any questions. The first few days it was hard to understand everything they said, because of their accent and the rate of speaking. But I got used to it very soon and was able to understand almost everything. Over the four-week period I supported the finance department and worked on invoices and other things like production controlling. Due to the fact that I already have dealt with similar topics in Germany the task was not very challenging but still interesting. 

The bigger challenge was getting used to the traffic and driving on the left side of the road, but as I always got a lift to work and back home it was just a strange feeling for the first two weeks and not an issue. Although England has a really bad reputation concerning the weather, it only rained two times during my stay in June. I used the good weather to do sports and also to explore the city.

Nottingham is a really great city, with about 300,000 inhabitants and a lot of interesting places. A place you should definitely visit is the area close to the castle, which takes part in the legends of Robin Hood. Moreover just around the corner you can find a pub, which is a contender for the title of England's Oldest Pub.

In summary, I can highly recommend using this opportunity. It’s a good way to collect some international experience, get to know England and its people and of course improve the language skills.

Thanks to Gebhardt for offering this opportunity to me!


Now I’m back after four amazing weeks in the UK.

At the beginning it was very hard to understand the people or to communicate with them.
But they all are very polite and take the time to let you explain it in your way. Moreover they try to explain their issues to you in the easiest way.

Every morning someone of the company picked me up at the hotel to give me a lift to work. And in the evening someone of the company gave me a lift back to the hotel. For the last two weeks I got a car so I could come to work on my own. But it’s very strange to drive on the left side of the road because you are used to do the things mirror inverted. So for example changing gears was very difficult at the beginning because I had to get a feeling for changing gears with the left hand. But you get used to it very quick so after a while it’s no big deal anymore.

My work at ECS was very interesting and I got a lot of great experiences. They took me on site several times so I could get to know their conveyors and the Gebhardt conveyors better. The guys from ECS are really nice and friendly. ECS has only about 20 employees so the atmosphere at work is more like in a family, where they all trust each other and sometimes wind each other up! So it’s always funny and you never get bored.

Unfortunately encouraged the weather the stereotype of that it’s raining every day. In the four weeks I stayed there, I had 3 weeks of rain. During one day it was raining as much as it normally does in a whole month and as a result many roads were flooded.

Another interesting point is the food. The food looks really delicious but most of the time it only looks nice and doesn’t taste like it looks. It seems to me as if they don’t use spices. But on the other hand the reason for this might be that the usual Englishman puts a lot of sauces on his meal. So they flavor the food on their own.

As a conclusion I can say that I really enjoyed my stay there and I’m thankful that this opportunity was given to me!