GEBHARDT Next Generation Intralogistics

GEBHARDT Fördertechnik GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of material flow and internal logistics systems. And that has been true for more than sixty years. We develop tailored complete solutions - from the idea through to complete realisation in the field of transport, material flow, sorting technology, assembly, warehouse technology including control & automation, stock management systems and IT integration - all from a single source.

Our stated aim: To develop reliable systems in the simplest possible design with a high degree of effectiveness and reliable availability. And all that on a continuous basis!

Up-to-date reference: C-Log

The French textile logistics provider C-Log, headquartered in Saint Malo is strive to fulfill the growing demands of the customer and the parent company Beaumanoir. Thus, over time all logistics locations are transformed into modern and almost automatically regulated centers. This year Gebhardt brought a fully automated warehouse with several kilometers conveyor technology at the headquarters into operation - a logistics center, which includes a newly developed storage technology (DHS). It is characterized by the interplay between the miniload, which acts as a lift, and the shuttle system, which takes over the function of a supplier. The shuttles provide goods which have to be stored and which have to be taken out of the store to the miniload. Thus, the driveway of the miniload can be considerably reduces which increases system performance and reduces energy consumption.




Up-to-date product video:

The GEBHARDT pallet doubler consists of a frame with a lifting device and two roller conveyors. One of the roller conveyors comprises a stack with standard euro-pallets, the other will be used as a link between the upstream and downstream conveyor.
The pallet magazine is used while the transport of euro-half pallets. It allows the conversion of two euro-half pallets on an euro-pallet, and thus the common transport.