Modernisation - better, newer and economical

GEBHARDT combines the proven with improvement: Your system.

Sometimes it is simply worthwhile rejuvenating the tried and tested, in order to be well equipped for the future. The GEBHARDT modernisation concept deals precisely with this: Advantages of the existing system are analysed, available logistics processes are utilised and concepts are generated, in order that your system can offer the requisite performance and availability. Rapid modification times and minimal effects on your production and logistics processes constitute the main aim of GEBHARDT.

Alongside the system mechanics, modernisation also focuses on the automation technology. Energy-efficient drives, modern control technology and bus systems, effective and rapid data transferral and positioning are the key components of modern systems.

GEBHARDT conveyance systems consist of flexible modules.
These enable the modification, expansion and updating of GEBHARDT systems at any time, as well as the supplementation, enhancement or technical optimisation of systems from other manufacturers. 

Original GEBHARDT Service

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