The functional emergency service for your material flow system

The GEBHARDT hotline - the functional emergency service for your system.

In a healthy system everything runs smoothly. Always.

In order that this ideal situation is actually attained, you should have the option of reacting at all times if situations arise which may become problematic for processes.
It is for this reason that GEBHARDT has set up a hotline for its customers, which is intended for precisely such situations. GEBHARDT supports processes and is there for you - always! This means that the service hotline is occupied around the clock. In the event of an incident, fast access times and the supply of rapid replacement parts ensure that downtimes are kept to a minimum. Preventative maintenance and remote diagnostics by means of online monitoring are also important elements of the GEBHARDT hotline service.

Original GEBHARDT Service

You can reach the original GEBHARDT Service hotline on:
+49 (0)7261 - 939 157 or